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Where It All Began

Born in in the 80's I am an avid fan of all things music, movies, fashion. This is where I got the name for my waxing business Mizmeyagi. From the 80's cult film Karate Kid. Born and raised in Southern California even as a child I was always infatuated with makeup and beauty. I was the ugly duckling in my youth. Made fun of for my blotchy skin, blonde stringy hair. My pudgy body and the way I dressed. I used that pain to fuel my career as a beauty professional, maintaining that I would help people not only feel beautiful on the outside but the inside too.

Being an esthetician is the only career I have ever had. Being a 40 yr old woman, I am proud that I have lasted in this competitive industry for so long. My career initially began working in the medical field for Plastic Surgeons. I got in the game right when medical procedures and esthetics merged and was really becoming popular not just with the rich and famous but for everyone. In my time working in this field I truly became a skincare professional. Learning about skin care, different diagnoses and diseases. I learned about not just products but ingredients. I developed medical grade skin care and worked side by side with compounding pharmacists to develop professional grade chemical peels. My passion for skincare has been a lifelong journey.


All while working on the above mentioned I also had a passion for waxing. It began with brows. I love working with people to help them with the one thing that really helps frame our face. Also being an MUA I know the shape of the brow and the face and what suits your individual  style. Waxing brows led to waxing other parts of the face and body. Now my #1 service is Brazilians.  Something that is not taught in school is how to be empathetic to clients needs. How to make clients feel comfortable. I noticed early on that I have that capability with all my clients. Getting waxed is not just a service it is an experience. I have a relationship with my clients. I value them and honestly don't feel like I deserve them half the time. I am getting a calling , a pull to branch out and do more. I want to educate. I want to teach people about skin and about waxing. I want to grow a waxing and skincare community that is as passionate as I am. This new site will house my services as well as I hope it to be a beginning of a new phase for me. I have so much experience and education to share.

At Mizmeyagi Wax  Studio the belief is that my clients needs are of the utmost importance! As a result, a high percentage of my business is from repeat customers and referrals.I would love the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry here in Chico, CA. While I maintain a wonderful clientele my books are open for new ones as well. I look forward to meeting you!


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